BestValue is a company organized according to the local legislation and to the EU legislation and operating in the retail market providing various category premium products, namely perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, sweets, spirits, wines, souvenirs, accessories, travel bags and tobacco.

The purpose of BestValue stores is to provide a shopping experience compliant with your standards in the Romanian airports, having access to products exclusively delivered to airports but also to international products, all at low prices under the "Duty Free" regime.

Both the store chain BestValue from Romanian airports and the online store are managed by the company Millenium Pro Design S.R.L.

BestValue - The company BestValue S.R.L. is the brand under which the company Millenium Pro Design S.R.L. operates, organized under the Romanian law;

Site – Domains,, and their subdomains.

Content - has the following definition representing:

  • all information on the Website that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed by using a numerical equipment;
  • the Content of any e-mail sent to Users or Customers by BestValue by electronic and / or any other means of communication available;
  • any information communicated by any means by an employee of BestValue to the User or Customer, according to the contact information specified or not by such User or Customer;
  • information regarding the products, Services and/ or tariffs charged by BestValue in a particular period;
  • information regarding the products, Services and/ or tariffs charged by a third party with which BestValue has signed partnership agreements, in a particular period;
  • data related to BestValue, or other privileged data of it.

Campaign - action to expose commercially, exclusively electronically and via the Website only, a finite number of products in a limited and predefined stock for a limited period of time set by BestValue;

Duty Free – products for which there are no import charges because they are marketed exclusively in airports, exclusively based on holding and validating valid travel documents (tickets), the collection of the purchased product being possible in the airport or anywhere in Romania.

Service - e-commerce Service provided exclusively on publicly available sections of the Website, by allowing Customers the possibility to acquire products and/ or Services using exclusively electronic means, including other means of distance communication (i.e. by phone);

Member - Individual who has or obtains access to the Content through any means of communication provided by BestValue (electronic, telephone, etc.) or based on an usage agreement existing between BestValue and such individual and requiring the creation and use of an Account;

Account - set of information required by BestValue allowing a single Member to access restricted sections of the Website by which the access to the Service is made;

Customer - Individual who is a BestValue Member, and who made at least one order on the Website;

Document - these Terms and Conditions;

Distance Contract - according to the law, any contract between BestValue and a Customer without the simultaneous physical presence of the two parties, with exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication up to and including the time of contract’s conclusion, and which is subject to some requirements of informing the Customer by BestValue before the contract concluded producing its effects;

Order Confirmation - is an automatic e-mail received by the Customer who placed an order on the Website, and containing details of the order concerning the characteristics of the product(s) ordered and the price paid by the Customer depending on how such Customer chose to pay. The Order Confirmation is also, from the legal point of view, the moment of contract’s conclusion between the BestValue and the Customer and the order acceptance by BestValue;

Newsletter / Alert - the exclusively electronic means of periodic information, namely electronic mail (e-mail, SMS), on products, Services and/ or promotions run by BestValue in a particular period;

Transaction - collection or repayment of an amount resulted from the sale of a product/ Service provision by BestValue to the Customer, including by the use of the card processor Services agreed by BestValue, regardless of the delivery method chosen;

User - Individual who has or obtains access to Content through any means of communication (electronic, telephone etc) who does not have an Account and has not placed any ORDERS on the Website.

2.1. This Document sets out the terms and conditions of use of the Website/ Content/ Service by the User, Member or Customer, if the latter does not have another valid usage contract concluded between he and BestValue.

2.2. The use, including but not limited to the access, visit and view of the Content/ Service involves the acceptance of the Member or Customer of these terms and conditions unless such Content does not provide distinctly stipulated usage conditions.

2.3. Access to the Service is made exclusively by accessing the publicly available Website

2.4. By using the Website/ Content/ Service, the User, the Member or the Customer is responsible for the consequences arising from its usage. Also, the User, Member or Customer is responsible for any material, intellectual, electronic or any other kind of damages caused to the Website, Content, Service, BestValue or any third party with whom BestValue has signed a valid contract, in accordance with the law in force.

2.5. If the User, Member or Customer disagrees and/ or does not accept and/ or revokes the acceptance shown for this Document:

2.5.1. He waives: the right to access the Website/ Content/ Service, other Services or products offered by BestValue through the Website, receive Newsletters/ Alerts and/ or communications of any kind from BestValue (email, phone call, SMS etc);

2.5.2. BestValue will limit the access to all information referring to the Member or Customer in its database without further processing of such data and without any further obligation of any party against the other. BestValue will retain personal data of the Member or Customer in its database in order to further access them at the request of such Member or Customer. The personal data of the Member or Customer will be deleted following a specific request sent to it in writing using the contact information on the Website.

2.6. The Member/ Customer may return at any time to his decision to agree to and / or accept the Document in the form available at the time.

2.7. To exercise the right provided in art. 2.5., the Member/ Customer can contact BestValue, or can use the links existing on the BestValue Website for this purpose.

2.8. The Customer may not revoke his consent expressed in favor of the Document during the period of the Contract or until he will not pay the value of all the Contracts not honored to BestValue. This article does not contravene the provisions on the Customer’s right to withdraw from the contract concluded with BestValue.

2.9. If the Customer has paid for the orders before the delivery by BestValue of the ordered products, and he revokes his consent to the terms and conditions of this Document in the course of an Order, the Customer will indicate the reasons for such revocation and will establish together with BestValue the best way of solving that situation. If after the consent revocation, the Customer expressly and unambiguously require the cancellation of the orders in progress, BestValue will cancel them and will repay to the Customer the amounts paid within the period stipulated by law.

2.10. This Website is only addressed to individual Members who are at least 18 years old, have a valid flight ticket, who went through the appropriate registration steps and have not been suspended or removed by BestValue, regardless of the reason for suspension or removal. The possibility to order online is available only to persons residing in Romania or who expressly indicate to BestValue a delivery address on the Romanian territory. By becoming a Member, BestValue will deem that such person meets the above conditions.

3.1. The Content, as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, trade symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/ or multimedia Content on the Website, are the exclusive property of BestValue or its administrator and all rights obtained in this regard directly or indirectly (via licenses for the use and/ or publication) are reserved to such Website or its administrator.

3.2. The User, Member or Customer is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/ or otherwise alter, use, link to, expose, include any Content in any other context than the original one intended by BestValue, include any Content outside the BestValue Website, remove the signs representing the copyright of BestValue on the Content as well as participate in the transfer, selling, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content in the absence of a consent expressly granted by BestValue or by its administrator.

3.3. Any Content to which the User, Member or Customer has or gains access by any means, is subject to the provisions of this Document, if the Content is not associated to a specific valid usage contract between BestValue and such User, Member or Customer who may waive all or partof the provisions of this Document, and without any guarantee implicitly or deliberately stipulated by BestValue with regard to that Content.

3.4. The Member or the Customer may copy, transfer and/ or use the Content only for personal or non-commercial purposes, and in relation to BestValue, only if they do not conflict with the provisions of the OCUMENT and the relevant legislation and only with the prior written consent of BestValue.

3.5. If BestValue gives the User, Member/ Customer or other interested third party the right to use, as described in a distinct usage contract, a certain Content to which they have or can get access following such contract, the right of use extends only to that or those Contents and/ or sections defined in the contract, during the existence of such Content/s or section/s on the Website or the period defined in the agreement and within the limits of the agreement, if any. The existence of a usage contract signed expressly by BestValue with a third party, a User, Member or Customer, does not represent a contractual commitment of BestValue towards that third party, Member / Customer who gets access to the Content or to certain sections of the Website, in the sense that BestValue has the right to amend, update or complete in any way and at any time the Content of the Website or sections thereof, during or after the termination of the usage contract.

3.6. No Content transmitted to the User, Member or Customer, by any means of communication (electronic, telephone etc.) or acquired by accessing, visiting and/ or viewing, does not constitute a contractual obligation of BestValue and/ or of an employee of BestValue who has mediated the Content transfer, if the transfer exists, concerning that conten

3.7. It is forbidden to use the Content of the Website for other purposes than expressly permitted in this Document or the usage contract accompanying it, if such contract exists. The violation of this section entitles BestValue to undertake the necessary legal measures against unlawful use of the Website Content in order to remedy the potential material and image damage caused to BestValue.

3.8. By you posting on the Website does not constitute a waiver of any right by the BestValue on or in connection with the Website. In addition to those expressly granted herein, you do not acquire any right, title or interest in or in connection with the Website.

3.9. All software programs used on this Website, its Content and development as well as its full software are protected by the copyright laws. Any other use, including reproduction, modification, distribution, republication, transmission, display or performance of the Content on this Website is not permitted without the prior written consent of BestValue and/ or its administrator.

3.10. Except as otherwise provided, the Website, including all its Contents such as design, text, graphics, logos, images, sound clips, and other aspects related to the Website and Content are protected by the copyright laws and other laws on intellectual property in force and are the property of BestValue and its legal administrator.

3.11. The Content can be modified at any time by BestValue, while the images, design, text, graphics, logos, audio clips and other matters related to the Website and Content are for presentation purposes.

4.1. BestValue publishes on the Website the updated identification and contact data for informing its Users, Customers or Members.

4.2. By using the contact form or the Service on the Website, the User, Member or Customer allows BestValue to contact him by any means available and mutually agreed, exclusively for declarant commercial purposes and in order to achieve this goal, through access to electronic means, namely electronic mail (e-mail, text messages).

4.3. Partial or total filling in of the contact form and its submission does not represent in any way a commitment of BestValue for contacting the User, Member or Customer, with a possibility that can be accessed by BestValue.

4.4. Notwithstanding the art. 4.3, BestValue undertakes to call the User, Member or Customer accessing the "Call me" section in the contact form existing on the Website, after filling in the requested information.

4.5. Accessing the Website using the information presented thereof, visiting the pages or sending e-mails or notifications addressed to BestValue shall be done electronically, by phone, or by any other means of communication available to the User, Member or Customer. Thus, BestValue will obtain the prior consent of the Member or Customer to receive the information and/or notifications from BestValue by electronic and/ or telephone means, including communications by e-mail, text messages or Website ads.

4.6. BestValue reserves the right not to respond to requests of any kind unrelated to products/ Services presented on the Website or to a contract with a Member or Customer, received through any means of communication (electronic, phone call, text messages etc.).

5.1. When you create an Account on the Website or access the Services or products of BestValue, we will ask you for the prior consent on receiving Newsletters and/ or Alerts from BestValue, sent by electronic mail (e-mail, text messages) and/ or phone call. The option on the consent expressed by the Customer or Member may be modified at any time, in compliance with the provisions of art. 5.3.

5.2. Data taken from a Member or Customer, for the purpose of sending them Newsletters and/ or Alerts, can be used by BestValue within the limits of the Privacy Policy and the prior consent expressed by such Member or Customer.

5.3. If you do not want to receive anymore Newsletters and/ or Alerts, you can at any time:

5.3.1. use the special link from any Newsletters and/ or Alerts received or by calling +4 031 225 25 25;

5.3.2. use the options available in the Customer Account for modifying the consent or receiving Newsletters and / or Alerts;

5.3.3. contact BestValue, using the tools available on the Website in the "Concierge" section, without any further obligation of any party to the other party.

5.4. Renouncing to receive Newsletters and/ or Alerts does not imply renouncing the approval granted in general for the provisions specified herein.

5.5. BestValue reserves the right to select the Member or Customer who had previously expressed his consent to receive Newsletters and/ or Alerts, and the right to eliminate in a justified way from its database any Member or Customer, without any subsequent commitment of BestValue. In this case, the Member or Customer can contact the Customer Service Department of BestValue to get the necessary justification in connection with any decision and/ or action taken in the purpose of this article or to receive information on the measures undertaken BestValue.

5.6. BestValue will not include in the Newsletters and/ or Alerts sent to the Member or Customer other advertising material Content making reference to a third party that is not a partner of BestValue, at the time of Newsletters and/ or Alerts dispatch

By using the Website, it shall be deemed that you have accepted the BestValue Privacy Policy. Before providing personal data (including e-mail address) through the Website of BestValue you will be asked expressly to accept this policy.

To view the Privacy Policy of BestValue click this link

7.1. Service access

7.1.1. The access to the Service is allowed to any Member who has or creates an Account.

7.1.2. For an access to the Service be allowed, the Member will have to accept the provisions of this Document.

7.1.3. BestValue reserves the right to restrict or exclude the access of the Member or Customer to the Service and/ or some of the payment methods accepted, and to remove or restrict his Account, within the law, if it is deemed that, based on the conduct or activity on the Website, the access and the Account of the Member or Customer could harm or prejudice in any way BestValue or its Customers. Any action to restrict or exclude a Member or Customer will be made in compliance with the provisions of art. 5.5.

7.1.4. A Member can have one Account only. It is forbidden to share an Account among several Members/ Customers.

7.1.5. If BestValue finds irregularities and/ or violations of any kind of the provisions of this chapter, leading to harm or disrupt in any kind the activity of the company, BestValue reserves the right in its sole discretion, to cancel, limit, restrict, suspend or exclude the access of the Member or Customer to the Content or Service, in compliance with the provisions of art. 5.5 on notifying the Member of Customer.

7.2. Products and Services

7.2.1. BestValue may publish on the Website information about products, Services and/ or promotions practiced by it or by any other third party with whom BestValue has signed partnership contracts, over a period of time and limited to the available stock.

7.2.2. Prices displayed on the Website cut by a line signifies the last price at which a product has been marketed in commercial stores without any discount for the product. These prices are for information purposes and have no legal value.

7.2.3. Prices will be displayed in Euro and so will be the price discounts and the currency of reference for the calculation, payment and invoicing of ordered products will be the local currency, RON.

7.2.4. In the event of placing an order using a card in Euro or another international currency, the issuing bank of your card can operate the conversion in RON of the amount paid for the products purchased on the Website, with the possibility of you being charged by your bank with an exchange fee. Therefore, you have the obligation to fiind aut about the existence of such a bankfee before placing an order on the Website. BestValue is not responsible for the lack of information of its Members. For clarification purposes, in the case of online payments, BestValue is not/ cannot be held responsible for any other additional cost borne by the Customer, including but not limited to fees for currency conversion applied by the issuing bank thereof, where the currency of such card differs from RON. The responsibility for this action shall be borne by the Customer only.

7.2.5. The exchange rate applied by BestValue for orders placed on the Website is 1 (one) euro = 4.7 RON. The final price of the product/ products ordered will be displayed in the local currency RON before checkout.

7.2.6. In terms of the law, the prices of the low voltage electronic products displayed on the Website include the ecotax. If the User Member or Customer requests details on the exact amount added to the cost of the product, we recommend you to contact BestValue team.

7.2.7. Invoicing of the purchased products is made exclusively in RON. If payment is made by a credit card, BestValue will debit the CLIENT's current Account with the amounts representing the value of the products ordered, following the submission to the latter of the Order Confirmation. BestValue shall not invoice legal entities, not even at the request of Members or Customers in this regard, given that the Website is intended to individuals only.

7.2.8. All information used to describe the products and/ or Services available on the Website (static images/ dynamic images/ multimedia presentations/ etc.) is not a contractual obligation of BestValue because they are used exclusively for presentation.

7.2.9. In the description of the products and/ or Services, BestValue reserves the right to use other products (accessories/ etc.) that are not included in the costs of those products.

7.3. Online Order

7.3.1. The Customer may place orders for products marketed at a time, exclusively on the Website, by adding product/ products he wants in the shopping cart, and the order will be finalized by paying through one of the payment methods expressly indicated. Once added in the shopping cart, a product is available for purchase to the extent that the Campaign is active and the products is in stock. Adding a product to the shopping cart without finalizing the order, does not entail its automatic booking.

7.3.2. By checkout, the Customers agrees that all data provided by him required in the process of purchasing are accurate, complete and true at the time of placing the order, referred to as issued order in this Document.

7.3.3. By checkout the Customer agrees that BestValue may contact him by any means available/ accepted by BestValue and indicated in this Document, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the Customer.

7.3.4. BestValue may unilaterally terminate the order made by the Customer, after previously notifying the Customer without any further obligation of any of the parties to the other or neither party asking for damages in the following cases: rejection of the Transaction by the Customer’s card issuing bank, in the case of online payment; invalidation of the Transaction by the card processor agreed by BestValue in online payment cases; data provided by the Customer on the Website are incomplete or incorrect; the activity of the Customer on the Website can cause and/ or causes damages of any kind or damages in any way BestValue and/ or its partners; after more than two failed consecutive delivery attempts.

7.3.5. The Customer may cancel an order made under the conditions specified in art. 9 of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34 of 2014 on consumer rights under contracts concluded with professionals and for amending and supplementing certain standards.

7.3.6. If the Customer gives up, within the legal deadline to withdraw from the contract, to an order made with credit card payment and the issuing bank of the Customer’s card transferred the amounts to BestValue, this amount will be returned by BestValue no later than 14 days from the date on which the latter acknowledges this fact, using the same payment methods as those used by the client for the initial Transaction, unless the same payment methos used by the Customer for the original Transaction, unless the Customer agreed with another payment method, expressely indicated in writing by him. Following a withdrawal from the Distance Contract, the payment of reimbursement fees will be fully borne by BestValue.

7.3.7. If a product ordered by the Customer, performing a preliminary card payment cannot be delivered by BestValue, the latter shall inform the Customer of this fact and will return on his Account the value of the products within the period specified in art. 7.3.6, calculated from the date on which BestValue acknowledged this fact or the date on which the Customer has explicitly expressed his intention to withdraw from the contract (see Return Policy )

7.3.8. The Customer has the right to cancel or modify the Content of an order paid by card within 24 hours from the order. In this regard, the Customer will submit in writing to BestValue’s team the request for cancelling or changing the order.

7.3.9. If the Customer brought a change to the order under art. 7.3.8, and the value of his new order is smaller than the value of the originally ordered products/ Services, BestValue will refund in the Customer’s Account the amount representing the difference between the original and the new order within 14 days from the date on which BestValue acknowledged this fact.

7.3.10. Details of product delivery including but not limited to the delivery time do not represent a contractual obligation of BestValue, except for obligations to deliver the products ordered within the statutory period of 30 days from the date of concluding the Distance Contract.

7.3.11. If a Customer changes his personal data using the forms available on the Website, all pending orders existing at that time shall keep the data defined/ accepted by the Customer after making the change, taking into Account the new data modified accordingly.

7.3.12. If a Customer places an order but during the next 3 calendar days, he / she does not validate a plane ticket, after this period, BestValue reserves the right to cancel the order.


7.4. Phone Order

7.4.1. The BestValue Customer / Member cannot make telephone orders.

7.5. Contract and Completion

7.5.1. BestValue will include in the package sent to the Customer, depending on the characteristic of each product, all documents needed to certify the purchase of products/ Services by the Customer. Additionally, BestValue may include advertising materials to promote its own products or Campaigns (or third party partners) as well as loyalty gifts for BestValue Customers.

7.5.2. BestValue shall inform the Customer on the stage of completion of the order.

7.5.3. The contract supplemented with BestValue documents attesting the delivery to the Customer of the products ordered by him becomes an honored contract.

7.6. Delivery

7.6.1. The delivery of the products/ Services purchased is done through an express courier company. The express courier company processes the personal data of the BestValue Customer for exclusively for the transport Services of the products purchased from the company’s Website and only with the strictly observance of the BestValue terms and conditions. Also, the potential third party partners of the express courier company, authorized for the transport Services, which process the personal data of the BestValue Customer, must comply with the terms and conditions of the law on the safety of personal data processing and with these Terms and Conditions of BestValue. In this regard, the express courier company can contact the BestValue Customers through any means of communication (email, phone, text messages) within the scope and purpose stipulated in this article.

7.6.2. Deliveries will be made on average 3-5 working days from the order made by the Customer and from the Order Confirmation made by BestValue. If the product will be delivered after the above-mentioned deadline, BestValue will inform the Customer by e-mail pursuant to the provisions of art. 7.7.3.

7.6.3. All products sold on are delivered exclusively in Romania. Alternatively, the Customer can opt for picking up the package from the BestValue physical stores, on the departure day. In this situation, it is necessary to note that, for legal reasons, certain restrictions may apply to some products.

7.6.4. Also, if you choose to pick up the order from the store, you have to pay your order in advance, by a credit card.

7.6.5. Delivery costs are borne by BestValue, regardless of the size or number of packages.

7.6.6. Delivery will be made on average in 3-5 working days from the Order Confirmation, but the delivery time may extend in certain isolated situations (e.g. bad weather, public holidays, unforeseen technical issues etc). We will notify you if we encounter any of the above situations.

7.7. Quality and Warranties

7.7.1. Each product sold by BestValue benefits from the warranty period specified in the warranty certificate of the product, with due observance of Law 449/2003 on the sale of goods and associated warranties, republished and updated. Clear details on the features of each product are provided in the presentation page. Information on the terms and conditions of the BestValue warranty is available in the section , or in a brochure or Document, placed in each package. No Member/ Customer may require an extended warranty, under other terms and other conditions and/ or a warranty valid for a longer period than the one provided in the documents mentioned in this article. The warranty offered by BestValue is issued in accordance with the legislation in force and is based on obtaining by BestValue the supporting documents for the quality/ life Service of the products traded, respectively, certificates of authenticity and/ or compliance directly from the manufacturer and/ or the manufacturer's authorized dealers.
Each product sold by BestValue benefits from a compliance guarantee under Law 449/2003, and according to art. 7.7.1., including for those cases in which information on the quality of products offered by the product manufacturer is missing.
In accordance with art. 11 of Law 449/2003 each Member OR Customer may request, in case of non compliance, the repair, replacement of the product limited on the available stock, or the reimbursement of its value. Also, the Member or the Customer benefits from the terms provided in Chapter V of Law 449/2003.

7.7.2. If BestValue cannot perform the contract because the product is not available, it shall inform the Customer about such unavailability, on the date on which BestValue acknowledges this fact.

7.7.3. In the event of exceeding the deadline indicated in art. 7.6.2, BestValue will inform the Customer via email and may agree with him to extend this deadline by a period that shall not exceed the delivery time initially planned. If, in the new period mutually agreed, the product will be unavailable for delivery, the Customer can request the termination of the Distance Contract and cancellation of the order. The Customer has a period of 3 working days from the date of issue of the information notice to express his option on the product ordered. If BestValue does not receive a response from the Customer in due time, it will be considered that he tacitly accepted the extension of the delivery period. In all cases when the Customer opts in writing to terminate the contract and cancel the order, if the product has already been paid, BestValue will return the amounts paid in accordance with art. 7.6.2.

7.8. Product Return

To view the BestValue Return Policy click this link

8.1. BestValue does not require its User, Member or CLIENT or by any means of communication (e-mail/ phone/ text messages etc.) information regarding confidential data, credit cards or personal passwords.

8.2. The User / Customer / Member assumes full responsibility for disclosing to any third party his confidential data.

8.3. BestValue disclaims any responsibility in case the User/ Customer/ Member is prejudiced in any way by a third party claiming to be a representative of BestValue or to represent BestValue’s interests.

8.4. The User/ Customer/ Member shall inform BestValue on such attempts, using the contact information.

8.5. BestValue does not promote SPAM. Any Member/ Customer who has explicitly provided his email address on the Website can choose to disable the Customer Account related to this e-mail address complying with the conditions referred to in art. 5.3. of this Document.

8.6. BestValue communications made by electronic means of remote communication (i.e. e-mail) contain complete and compliant identification data of the sender or links to them at the time of sending the Content.

8.7. These purposes, once achieved, will be considered attempt to defraud the Website/ Content and/ or BestValue, the latter reserving its right to initiate criminal prosecution against those who have tried to or achieved the following goals:

8.7.1. to access data of any kind of other Member/ Customer by using an Account or by any other method;

8.7.2. to alter or modify the Content of the Website or any correspondence sent by any means by BestValue to the Member/ Customer;

8.7.3. to affect the performances of the server/ servers on which the Website is running;

8.7.4. to access or disclose to any third party that does not have the necessary legal authority, the Content sent by any means by BestValue to a Member/ Customer when the latter is not the legitimate recipient of the Content.

9.1. BestValue cannot be held liable in any way towards any Member/ Customer who uses the Website or its Content, other than within the limits of the articles constituting these Terms and Conditions.

9.2. If a Member/ Customer believes that a Content sent by any means by BestValue violates the copyrights or other rights, he can contact BestValue for more details, according to the contact details, and the latter can make a decision in an informed manner.

9.3. BestValue does not guarantee the access of the User to the Website or Service, if the latter does not register by going through the registration steps on the Website, and does not grant him the right to download or modify partially and/ or totally the Content, to fully or partially reproduce the Content, to copy, or exploit any Content in any other manner, or to transfer to any third party any Content he has and/ or obtained access, under an usage contract, without the prior written consent of BestValue.

9.4. BestValue is not responsible for the Content, quality or nature of other Websites which are accessible through Content links, regardless of the nature of these links. For those Websites, their owners are fully responsibility.

9.5. BestValue is exonerated from any fault in case of use of the Website and/ or Content transmitted to the User, Member or Customer by any means (electronic, phone etc.) via the Website, e-mail or an employee of BestValue, when such use of the Content can cause or causes damages of any kind to the User, Member or Customer and/ or any third party involved in this transfer of Content.

9.6. BestValue does not offer any direct or indirect guarantees that:

9.6.1. the Service will be according to Customer’s requirements;

9.6.2. the Service will be uninterrupted, secure or without errors of any kind;

9.6.3. the products/ Services obtained free or for a fee through the Service will meet the requirements or expectations of the Customer.

9.7. Within the limits of these Terms and Conditions, operators, administrators and/ or owners of the Website are not in any way responsible for their relations or consequences resulting from, but not limited to, purchases, special offers, discounts, promotions, or any other type of relation/ connection/ Transaction/ collaboration/ etc. which may arise between the Customer or Member and any of those who make direct or indirect promotion through the Website.

9.8. Promotional materials (including but not limited to Campaign banners) used to present each Campaign on the Website and/ or on the Facebook page of the company, purely promote brands, and the use of banners shall not be interpreted as an obligation assumed by BestValue to effectively hold in stock, for purposes of commerce, products that appear or may appear in such materials. Thus, only products listed on the Website, with the sale price indicated, and their characteristics serve for the commercial purposes of the company, being thus available for sale.

10.1. Except where not expressly provided otherwise, none of the parties of any contract that is still in progress shall be liable for failure to perform on time and/ or properly, totally or partially, any of the obligations incumbent to it under the contract, if the failure to comply with the obligation was caused by a force majeure event.

10.2. The party of the legal representative of the party invoking the above mentioned event, will inform the other party immediately and completely, about its occurrence and will take any measures that are available to it in order to limit the consequences of that event.

10.3. The party or the legal representative of the party invoking the above mentioned event is exempted from this obligation only if the event prevents it to finalize it.

10.4. If within 15 days from the date of its occurrence, the event does not stop, each party shall be entitled to notify the other party the termination as of rights of this contract and none of them will ask for damages.

10.5. The party invoking force majeure must prove the impossibility of performing its obligations within 30 days from the date of the event but within the limits of art. 10.3.

11.1. By using/ visiting/ viewing/ etc the Website and/ or any Content sent by BestValue to the User, Member or Customer by accessing and/ or sending by any means (electronic, telephone etc.), the latter shall agree with the "Terms and Conditions" at least.

11.2. Any dispute regarding these Terms and Conditions that may arise between the User, Member or Customer and BestValue will be settled amicably, the parties making all necessary efforts in this regard.

11.3. Any dispute of any sort that might arise between the User, Member or Customer and BestValue or its partners will be settled amicably. If it will not be possible, the conflict will be settled by the competent court in Bucharest, according to the Romanian laws in force.

11.4. If any of the above provisions will be found null and void, regardless of the cause, such provision will not affect the other provisions.

11.5. This Document has been written and will be construed in accordance with the Romanian law

12.1. BestValue reserves the right to make any changes to these provisions and any changes to the Website/its structure/ Service and any Content without prior notice to Member or Customer.

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